meghan rose
20/21 work Coming soon

Softer Space

Year: 2019
Role: Creative Direction
Tools: PS, AE, C4D, Spark AR
Timeline: 6 Months
Young adults are facing higher stress levels than ever before. Recent studies have found that on average, 6 hours per day are spent feeling “stressed out.” When finding a solution to help this audience disconnect from their stresses, it was found that an expereince based design would be a good fit, as it caters to their desire for unique, shareable, and instagramable experiences.
Softer Space is a multi-sensory exhibit that draws inspiration from trending relaxation techniques such as ASMR, art therpay, the biophillia effect, and immersive spaces. While walking through exhibit spaces, visitors will engage with the artwork and installations, which will simulate their senses through sight, sound, touch & smell. 

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