meghan rose
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Travel Buddy

Year: 2019
Role: UX / UI
Tools: XD, PS
Timeline: 4 Weeks
How might we develop a solution that decreases airport related stress? Airports can be extremely stressful and unpredictable environments. From the perspective of an environmental psychologist, people have a natural need to control the environment they’re in, however, airports have several impacting factors that reduce this sense of control, such as not knowing what to do at, the rush of people & chaotic energy.
“Travel Buddy” acts as a planning tool which focuses on helping to better prepare travellers for their flights, by providing them with a personalized pre-departure guide based on their individual needs. The platform is designed as a progressive disclosure questionnaire that gages flight information and personal details, in order to create a pre-departure guide that is relevant to each individual traveller.


The first prototype created, was a basic Airport navigational app. When testing, it was soon discovered that its problematic to have to constantly look at a phone while navigating through the airport.

The second iteration focused more on better preparing travellers before they get to the airport. The issue with this prototype, was that the user felt like they would forget everything once they got to the airport.

The third iteration is a departure questionnaire. Using progressive disclosure, we are able to show relevant information depending on their individual needs and create a custom schedule & map to use the day of travel